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4x4 Steel Wheels

Here at 4SITE 4x4 Tyres, we offer a wide range of steel wheels and tyres – perfect for taking your 4x4 off road. Steel 4x4 wheels deliver a strong off road experience, and are great for drivers who want to really work their vehicle – whether for recreation or work. Order your steel wheels and tyres online today and have them fitted by one of our 4x4 tyre specialists near you.

Why Choose Steel Wheels for Your 4x4?

If you enjoy getting off road at the weekend, or use your 4x4 for working on the land, then 4x4 steel wheels are the perfect choice for your vehicle. Strong, durable and heavy - 4x4 steel wheels are especially good at handling rough terrains and winter weather conditions. Capable of holding heavier loads than alloys, steel rims are a great choice for 4x4 drivers who want to enjoy getting off road with confidence.

Steel is a malleable metal, which means that if you suffer a dent or bend in your wheel while off road in remote locations, the wheel can be beaten back into shape – getting you back on the road in no time.

Here at 4SITE 4x4 Tyres, we recommend that you keep a set of spare 4x4 steel wheels and winter tyres stored all year, in preparation for extreme winter weather. This will remove the complication of needing to drive to have your tyres changed externally when the roads are dangerous.

4x4 Steel Wheel and Tyre Packages

As 4x4 tyre specialists, you can rest assured that we will deliver a competitive price and superb service package for all steel wheels and tyres purchased via our website.

Not sure which wheels will best suit your vehicle? Use our online Tyre Selector to discover 4x4 tyres and steel wheels most suitable to your vehicle and driving style.

Simply order online and book a slot with your local 4SITE 4x4 approved tyre centre. Our nationwide network of 4x4 tyre specialists means that there’s a garage near you.

4x4 Steel Wheels for Premium Brands

Buy specially selected 4x4 steel wheels for your Land Rover or Range Rover and get the most from your vehicle, whether on a city commute or tackling rough terrain off road.

We stock a wide range of steel wheels for sale for premium car brands, including:

  • Land Rover Challenger
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Land Rover Discovery 1 and 2
  • Range Rover Classic.

Pair your new steel wheels with a set of 4x4 tyres for a great off road experience. Find out more about our steel wheels for 4x4s. Contact us today.

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